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All korina (white limba) lefty Flying V.

Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

Ebony headstock veneer.

Abalone inlays.

Custom wood bobbin humbuckers.

Vol, tone w/coil tap (x2), 3-way switch.

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Solid walnut and maple single cut.

Set neck construction featuring a poplar neck with ironwood fretboard. 25.5" scale and 22 frets.

Custom aluminum hardware.

Side entry electronics.

Filter-tron and p-90 style pickups.

Corian nut. Ebony knobs.

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This guitar features a 1 piece mahogany body with hand carved arched top and back.

The neck is constructed from a 5 piece laminate consisting of ipe, curly maple and vintage cherry. The fretboard is highly figured maple and the headstock veneer is grain matched. It has a full access 24 fret neck, 12 inch radius and 24.75" scale length.

The distinguishing feature of this guitar is the T6 alloy disc that serves to couple the pickup and bridge to one large common mass. It enhances the midrange clarity and increases sustain. Behind the disc is a hollow tone chamber that further increases sustain and reduces the overall weight.

To complete the package, this guitar uses Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucking pickups, Planet Waves Auto-trim locking tuners and a compensated wraparound bridge. Controls include volume, tone and 3-way pickup selector, topped with rosewood knobs.

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Alder body core with book-matched koa top and back.

Highly figured one piece maple neck.

Deep tenon neck joint.

Ebony fretboard with mermaid scene inlay.

7-way pickup switching.

EMG pickups.

Tone Pros bridge.

Steinberger gearless tuners.



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Korina body.

Vintage rock maple neck.

Ipe fretboard.

Hipshot bridge, Schaller tuners, Dimarzio pickups and recessed strap locks.






Based on my first guitar, a 1958 Gibson ES-125T. I've always had a love/hate relationship with that Gibson. It was never a great playing guitar, the intonation was always out and it had it's share of rattles and buzzes. But I've learned to live with it's quirks because it simply oozes the blues.

This guitar is the culmination of all the features that I thought the old ES-125T were lacking. It features a hollow body of spanish cedar topped with curly maple. It's loaded with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbuckers and has a master volume, tone and 3 way switch. The bridge features adjustable saddles and the tail piece is hand fabricated and polished bronze.

The neck is a slightly flamey single piece of korina with a 22 fret, 25.5 scale rosewood fretboard. Features include a Hotshot 2-way truss rod, GraphTech graphite nut and Grover tuning machines.

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This lefty was an early model carved entirely by hand from a single billet of mahogany. It's trimmed with curly maple binding on the top and back edges.

The pickups are dual coil DiMarzio soapbars and are coupled to a unique 6-way switching system.

The familiar profile and graceful lines combined with minimalist electronics creates an instrument that is organic in sight, sound and touch.

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This bass features a 5 piece neck made of ipe, maple and mahogany. The neck extends through the entire length of the bass for maximum tone and sustain.

The body is constructed of vintage black walnut. The top and back are quilted maple and were book-matched twice for consistent grain.

The ipe fretboard has 24 frets and uses a 35 inch scale length. Ipe is a staple here at Denyle. We love it for it's bright and punchy tone and beauty. It has the color of rosewood but it's density is closer to ebony. This allows us to polish the wood to a mirror finish.

The gold hardware and Bartolini humbucker with passive electronics complete the package. The electronics consist of a volume and cut-boost tone controls with tone bypass and series/parallel/single coil switches.

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This T-style guitar features an unorthodox solid body/hollow top. The top was carved before being glued to the body, creating both an air space and a thin acoustic like top for increased resonance.

It's a single piece maple top that runs the gamet from quilt to flame, with some birdseye thrown in for good measure. The body is booked matched alder.

The neck is contructed of mahogany and again features an ipe fretboard.


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This lap steel was a fun little project that involved an odd blend of materials. Oak, Corian and aluminum were used to create an intrument that is at home in blues/rock/country settings.

The volume control was omitted for a foot controlled volume pedal or a direct line to your amp.

The plexi fretboard is lined with oak and features tortise binding.

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Lightweight chambered Spanish cedar body with korina top. Cherry, mahogany, korina and ipe "racing stripes" through the center.

Lipstick style pickups and a 2 post tremolo.

The body, including hardware and electronics is under 4 pounds.


Walnut body with a booked-matched redwood top.

Maple neck.

Rosewood fretboard.

Seymour Duncan pickups.

Schaller tuners.