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Below are examples of limited and custom pedals. They are no longer available.

Please check back soon for a new and improved line of effects.

Cherry Screamer


The original Denyle boost built into a solid billet of cherry that was fell 40 years ago.

It was inspired by the FET input stage of a famous line of amplifiers.







No longer available

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What began as a simple vintage style fuzz pedal evolved to be so much more. This pedal consists of 3 stages and is capable of a wide range of sounds.

Stage 1, the input filter, features 5 degrees of frequency cut. The settings include bypass, bass cut, low mid cut, high mid cut and treble cut.

Stage 2 is a high gain, discrete amplifier section. When used with the Filter stage, a range of sounds from bass boost to fat boost to treble boost can be achieved. Stage 1 and 2 are then cascaded into stage 3.

Stage 3, the gain stage, can be set from 0 to 100%. At 0, the first 2 stages simply pass through stage 3 to the output, creating a clean boost pedal. As the gain is increased, the pedal creates a tube like overdrive that ultimately turns into over the top fuzz and feedback mayhem at extreme settings.

No longer available

Vanilla Beano treble booster

A recreation of one of the earliest and most revered overdrive pedals, the Rangemaster.

This updated version features a socketed transistor and bias trim pot for simplified experimentation of various transistors, either germanium or silicon. It can be custom ordered with era correct Telefunken germanium as well as AC128 germanium or any current production PNP transistor.

The Vanilla Beano also features a pair of socketed input capacitors and a Range control to vary the signal to each. This serves to fine tune the response to match your guitar and amp. It also allows the Vanilla Beano to be used as a full range boost.


No longer available

Thermionic Sodomizer FET/Ge booster

My take on the clean boost craze of recent. It's a FET based clean boost pedal with internal gain trim pot plus master volume. A switchable germanium boost provides enough gain to drive any tube amp to submission.





No longer available

All PWB pedals feature true bypass switching and boss style dc jacks.




Custom Clones

Hand made and one of a kind clones of classic hard to find effects.

Made to order.




Custom dual range treble booster.


No longer available





Uni-Drive boost/overdrive

with CV input and treble boost.


No longer available