We always have a diverse collection of vintage, boutique and custom effects.

Partial List:

Roland RE 101 Space Echo

Tycobrahe Octavia

Tycobrahe PedalFlanger

Tycobrahe Parapedal

Foxrox Captain Coconut II

King-Vox Wah

Thomas Wah

Bartolini Tube-It

Maestro G-1

Dallas-Arbiter Trem Face

CAE Super Tremolo

Ibanez UE-400

JT Valveboy

Premier Tube Reverb

Rolls RP147

Boss SD-1

Ibanez TS-9

Blackbox Quicksilver

Blackbox Oxygen

Blackbox XRay

Blackbox Inferno

Blackbox Ultraviolet 2

Studio Electronics Chaos

Studio Electronics Helium

Studio Electronics Phaser

Studio Electronics Filter

...and many more